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    Committed Athlete Program (CAP)

Ready to perform at the highest level

The Committed Athlete Program (CAP) is our highest program designed to provide select, high-performance golfers with a comprehensive and systematic approach to training, competing, skill improvement and personal development.

Taught by the regions’ top certified instructors including John Platt (2012 Illinois PGA Teacher of the Year & Former Lewis University Coach), Nicole Jeray (LPGA Professional and 24 Year LPGA tour veteran), Chris Ioriatti (PGA Professional and Certified Master Club Fitter), Dan Phillips (30 Years of experience in PGA Teaching & Player Development), Frank Hohenadel (2011 Illinois PGA Section Champion & Head Golf Professional), Andy Mickelson (2015 National PGA Assistant Championship & 2016 TaylorMade National Champion), as well as, additional Mistwood staff professionals.

Spaces are very limited and are by invitation only. To join, all golfers must complete an assessment with one of our CAP instructors. If you are interested in joining CAP, contact Andy Mickelson at (815) 254-5773 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Mistwood Performance Center - 4 Steps to Success

Golf mastery requires continuous feedback and training over time, both on and off the course. To acheive this, the coaches of the Committed Athlete Program utilize the "4 Steps to Success" process to help players transfer skills from the range to the course, make correct on-course decisions, and manage their thoughts, attention, and emotions under competition.

Step 1: Understanding Cause and Effect: Player and coach determine which skills are costing them the most, understand what they are doing wrong, and seek to identify what needs to be fixed.

Step 2: Supervised Practice: Player experiences a lot of supervised practice and a lot of repetition with feedback. Player is engaged in practice with the deliberate intention of improving their skills.

Step 3: Transfer Training: MPC Coach assists the player in exposing golf skills to conditions that simulate those that they would experience on the golf course under competition.

Step 4: Play: MPC Coach helps golfers better play the game using their existing skills while keeping score and getting out on the course.

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